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New Release: Saisons in the Abyss - Blood Orange Farmhouse Ale

  Saisons in the Abyss- The debut collaboration between Sean from Killer Sprocket and our very own brewer boss Grum. A limited release Farmhouse Ale made with blood orange and dried orange peel, this beer is ideal for the warmer months ahead. We are so so so excited about this one because it is looooong overdue! Grum and Sean both started their brewing journeys way back in 2014 as gypsy brewers out at Cavalier (read more about those days here). Since then, they’ve shared many a beer together at Uitgang Bar or at numerous festivals, but never made one together, until now! The concept was actually concocted by Frase and Sean many moons ago, back in 2018 when Slayer was on their final tour. Like any brilliant idea, it takes time and...

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