New Release: #027 Imperial Campfire Stout


#027 Imperial Campfire Stout- The Stout Master has done it again! It is no secret that Grum loves his stouts and that he is pretty darn good at brewing them too (*ahem* MIBC Stout Brewery of the Year, AIBA Trophy for Best Stout, multiple gold medals...). For our winter limited release this year, Grum drew inspiration from his early days of homebrewing whilst living in Ireland, where he played around with lots of peated and smoked malts. He also got a not so gentle nudge from Loz, our sales maestro to brew something (for her) without lactose. The result, pretty f#c&i@g delicious if we do say so ourselves!

Released: 30th July 2021
Hops: Chinook, Simcoe
Malt: Ale, Light Chocolate, Dark Crystal, Manuka Smoked, Peat Smoked (1%), Roasted Barley, Oats
ABV: 10%
Taste: A complex nose delights with generous aromas of cacao, licorice, smoked bacon and subtle hoppy notes. On the palate, lashings of bittersweet chocolate are complemented by hints of dried fruits, warming spices and dark roasted coffee.