Crafty just gets us.

Two to three times per week, we receive a very welcome industry update from our mate James Smith aka Craft Pint. The Crafty Cuppa, as it is so cutely called, is the perfect recap of recent beer releases, craft brewing industry news and job listings (not like we are looking!). Every so often one of our very own beers graces the screen and when it does we eagerly click "go to beer" to read what has been written. 

Last week, Crafty was kind enough to have a look at our brand new limited release #029 Grapefruit IPA. He made a flattering reference to Ballast Point's Grapefruit Sculpin, but also seemed to get what we were trying to do - or more importantly - what we were not trying to do. This is not a GABS beer. This is not a NEIPA. This is not a fruited sour. This is just a wickedly delicious West Coast IPA that has had just enough local Aussie grapefruit juice added to lift the citrus, pithy bitterness. Grum also employed some of the more fruity hops like Citra, Idaho 7, Amarillo and Taiheke to create this juicy and zesty, yet notably restrained New World IPA. As Crafty so aptly put it, we "prefer to focus on making more classically-minded beers well." 

Read the whole review here and subscribe to the Crafty Cuppa whilst you are there.